Aneta Rejdych

  • UX/UI & Product Designer
  • Vienna, Austria

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Passionate product designer with experience in building digital products, from concept to completion.
Able to effectively assess a project from conceptualization and throughout the entire design process, including analysing the product’s purpose, its intended audience, and the experience it wants to deliver. Communicates and collaborates across departments to achieve quality results that stay true to the customers’ needs.

Actively participates in the entire design process, from facilitating workshops to conceptualising user flows and polishing interfaces. Provides an analytical approach that ensures designs account for both UI/UX needs as well as technical requirements.

Experienced in building B2C and B2B products for startups, agencies, and large enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies. Enjoys collaborating and engaging with clients and stakeholders in order to ensure the right product equals a great experience.


PrototypingUser ResearchVisual DesignUser TestingWorkshopsBrand style guides & pattern librariesRequirements Engineering


Enterprise UX